Don't Pay Full Price for Acyclovir — Score the Best Deals Now

Find Prescription Discounts Don't Pay Full Price for Acyclovir — Score the Best Deals Now

Don't Pay Full Price for Acyclovir — Score the Best Deals Now

66% of the adults in the US, which translates to approximately 131 million people, use prescription drugs.

Seniors and people suffering from chronic ailments use the most prescription drugs, which are not cheap. Read on to find out how you can get the lowest Acyclovir price on the market.

Most people using prescription drugs end up paying for them out of pocket. You can scan the internet for the best discounts, which is very time-consuming, or use an app like DoNotPay to help.

What is Acyclovir?

Acyclovir, which comes in brand names like Zovirax or Sitavig, is an antiviral drug that slows down the growth of the herpes virus.

It does not cure the disease but lessens the infection's symptoms. Acyclovir treats conditions caused by the herpes viruses such as cold sores, genital herpes, chickenpox, and shingles.

Acyclovir comes as:

  • Buccal tablets(delayed-release)
  • oral suspension
  • Tablets or capsules
  • Intravenous
  • Topical cream

How Much Does Acyclovir Cost?

Acyclovir oral capsules (200g) cost around $11 for five capsules depending on the pharmacy.

QuantityPrice per UnitTotal Price
100$0.22 – $0.39$22.12 – $38.67
500$0.13 – $0.31$67.36 – 155.34

Acyclovir Price 200 mg Oral suspension

QuantityPrice per UnitTotal Price
473 ml$0.29 – $0.56$137.00 – $264.15

Acyclovir Price 400mg Oral Tablets

QuantityPrice per UnitTotal Price
30$0.72 – $0.75$21.60 – $22.38
60$0.43 – $0.44$26.03 – $26.33
100 (10 x 10)$0.30 – $0.65$30.36 – $65.24
500$0.22 – $0.58$109.34 – $288.20

Acyclovir Price 800mg

QuantityPrice per UnitTotal Price
100$0.47 - $1.12$47.11 – $111.78
500$0.39 – $1.04$193.10 – $520.9

When drugs have a particular pricing range, you might pay the lower price. We cannot guarantee these prices due to variables such as stock shortages or price changes.

Acyclovir Coupons and Discounts

Acyclovir is an inexpensive prescription drug, and you have to get a prescription from a doctor to buy it. You don't have to buy it at the stated market prices, and you can save from 80% by using coupons and discounts.

You have to do due diligence and research to get the Acyclovir medicine price discounts. You will always find a retailer with lower prices when you look hard enough.

You can buy Acyclovir in the brand and generic form, or which most insurance and Medicare plans cover the latter.

However, some cash prices or pharmacy coupons may be slightly lower. The lowest version of Acyclovir is approximately $3.13, which is 87% off the retail price of $24.38. You can buy the drug at retailers like:

  • Costco
  • Safeway
  • Albertsons
  • Kroger Pharmacy
  • Target (CVS)
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Rite Aid Walmart

With a valid coupon, you can get a month's supply of Acyclovir for $8.61

Other ways to get discounts include:

  1. Mail-in Orders
  2. Ordering a 90-day supply
  3. Joining prescription savings clubs
  4. Asking your health care provider to prescribe a lower-priced alternative

How to Find the Best Prescription Savings Program

The promise of saving up to 80% on your medication with prescription savings programs is a bargain! Find a prescription savings program via online research and find out which are the best. Some examples of reputable prescription savings programs include WebMD, GoodRX, Kroger, and CVS.

Not all pharmacies accept prescription savings program cards. Find out which ones in your area are compatible with your program.

This research is time-consuming, and finding detailed comparisons is tiring.

How to Get the Best Acyclovir Price Using DoNotPay

If you get stuck and don't know where to search, DoNotPay can help.

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All you have to do is:

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  1. Enter the name of your prescription drug and specify the specific brand if necessary. 
  1. Tell us more about the dosage and form you usually receive the medication in. 
  1. Enter your favorite pharmacy or retailer pick-up location. 

If your pharmacy is CVS, we can send the coupon directly to your local CVS so that it automatically gets applied to your total payment the next time you go to pick up the prescription!

And that's it! Based on your location and prescription information, DoNotPay will scan the web to find the best deals currently offered for your medication.

This scanning allows you to save money the next time you pay for your prescription.

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