Claim Your Acuvue Rebate In 3 Steps

Claim My Rebates Claim Your Acuvue Rebate In 3 Steps

How to Claim Acuvue Rebates With DoNotPay

Acuvue is a well-known contact brand. Whether you prefer disposable contacts you can throw away at the end of the day or want a pair that lasts a full 30 days, the company has you covered. You can even utilize an Acuvue rebate to help you save on the associated costs.

Work with DoNotPay to access an Acuvue rebate and determine the best choices. We'll help you make a claim quickly so you can be well on your way toward receiving the specified compensation.

How Does the Acuvue Rebate Work?

The company requests that you sign up for their MyAcuvue program. Once you do, you'll get access to up to $250 rewards per year. You'll need proof of your purchase to qualify. MyAcuvue Insider also provides exclusive offers. You'll get access to special promotions throughout the year.

A rebate is essentially a refund. You made a purchase, and now with qualifying information, you're getting a bit of a refund back for doing so. With the Acuvue rebate, you can receive far more money back on contact purchases than you ever would have before. 

Some of the 2021 rebate amounts included:

Rebate AmountRemarks
$25For a 3-month supply of contacts
$60For a 6-month supply of contacts
$100For a 9-month supply of contacts
$175For upgrading to an annual supply of the 1-Day contact options
$200For upgrading to an annual supply of the Acuvue Oasys brand

Is Anyone Eligible for the Acuvue Rebate?

Not every person is eligible for an Acuvue rebate. You need to meet qualifications, which may differ for certain contacts compared to others. Sign up for the specialized program, and you're more likely to earn cashback. Some common criteria include:

  1. Meeting purchase requirements, such as buying between particular dates of time.
  2. Claiming the rebate within another designated time.
  3. Signing up for and maintaining a MyAcuvue account.
  4. Remember to mail in your original receipt.

How Do I Submit My Claim for the Acuvue Rebate?

For a mass save rebate, you need to have an eye exam with your healthcare professional. Purchase a full-year supply of contacts to qualify. You will then:

  • Sign up for the MyAcuvue rewards program.
  • Complete the online reward form.
  • Mail-in the original receipt for your contact purchase.
  • Wait for an email indicating the reward was sent.
  • Redeem your reward by selecting a physical or virtual Acuvue prepaid card.

In many cases, you have three months from the date of the acceptance to redeem your reward. Once you've chosen your card type (virtual or physical), you will then have six months to use the amount on the card before it expires. Fail to use it within the timeframe, and the funds will be forfeited.

How Do I Sign Up for MyAcuvue?

Click "Register for MyAcuvue" and begin your sign-up process. You can either create your account using your Facebook or Twitter login, or you can sign up via email address. Be sure to provide your legal first and last name that would match the receipt you receive from your eye doctor if you want the rebate to work. 

Inform Acuvue of your email and password, along with your zip code, date of birth, and gender. They also ask for:

  1. Your experience with lenses - Are you new to Acuvue or contacts in general?
  2. Which Acuvue or other types of contacts do you currently wear
  3. Your reason for wearing contacts

This information will help them tailor your program account to your individual needs. They may provide special offers based on the type you wear and offer discounts to get you to try one of their brands if you don't currently wear Acuvue lenses.

Use DoNotPay for a Faster Rebate Process With Acuvue

Make your Acuvue rebate claiming process go faster with DoNotPay's assistance. We will guide you through the necessary information so we can submit the claim on your behalf and have your compensation sent out promptly.

  1. Search rebates on DoNotPay and select the type of rebates offer you want to claim (is it for a car, electronic gadget, household appliance, etc).


  2. Tell us more about the purchase, including the product name, brand, serial number (if relevant), and whether you bought it online or in-person.


  3. Select whether the rebate is online or mail-in. Upload your evidence documents, including receipts, and any necessary forms, and confirm your contact information.

Wait at least 30 days for a check or card to arrive in the mail. Some companies may require a longer wait to verify all the information presented.

Will DoNotPay Help Me Claim Other Rebates?

DoNotPay can assist with claims from any company, whether it's:

Will DoNotPay Help With Additional Services?

Yes. DoNotPay assists with countless services. Your Acuvue rebate is just the start. We'll guide you through the processes for various claims, appeals, procedures, and more for various companies, products, and people.

You can do anything through DoNotPay!

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