How to Deal With ACEI Debt Collectors

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How to Deal With ACEI Debt Collectors

It is possible that you have received a call or email from a company that identifies itself as an. You might wonder who they are, why they are calling, and if you should listen to what they have to say or not. People tend to have all of these ideas about how the debt collection process works. Sometimes, their thoughts are spot-on, but other times they miss the mark. The important thing to know is that you do not have to put up with harassment or other forms of intimidation from the likes of ACEI or any other debt collector. They might try to pull these moves on you, but you can and should resist with the help of DoNotPay.

What Is ACEI Debt Collectors?

American Collections Enterprise, Inc. or is a genuine debt collection business situated in Alexandria, Virginia, that was created in 1993.

CompanyAmerican Collections Enterprise, Inc. (ACEI)
Physical Address205 S Whiting St STE 500, Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone Number+1 703-719-9403

Ask For Proof Of Your Debt

Before even entertaining the idea of speaking with a debt collector at all, you need to ask them to validate the debt that you have. You should pressure them to do this because:

  1. They may be a fraudulent debt collector that is simply trying to shake money out of you
  2. They might not have the paperwork readily available to prove that you owe the debt to begin with
  3. They may have lost the paperwork that proves that you owe the debt
  4. Their numbers may be inaccurate compared to what you truly owe them

There are plenty of reasons to put pressure on a debt collector to validate any claims that they want to make. You deserve to know with certainty what kind of debt you really owe, and how much that debt is in total. When a company cannot even produce those numbers for you, then they are not the kind of company you want to do business with.

What Happens If I Ignore Debt Collectors?

The temptation to ignore debt collectors is understandable. They are annoying, and you might feel scared by the things that they are telling you. While that urge is certainly reasonable, you should try to avoid giving in to it as best as possible. If you ignore debt collectors, you may face some of the following consequences:

  • You could end up bringing even more harassing calls to your phone
  • You might anger them enough that they take you to court
  • You could set off a chain of events that leads to you having to pay more than you do already

There are a lot of reasons not to completely ignore debt collectors even when they are being extremely annoying. They are going to behave this way on purpose. However, your responsibility is to ignore their most annoying traits and try to deal with them like an adult. If you can do that, then you are going to put yourself in a better position than you were before you started.

How Can You Use DoNotPay To Get Help Fighting Debt Collectors?

DoNotPay understands that the battle against debt collectors is one that should not be fought alone. People can end up losing battles like this because they don't even know where or how to start. The good news is that you may stand a better chance of coming out ahead if you trust DoNotPay to help get you to the finish line. Here are some ways that they can help:

Here's how it works:

  1. Search “debt collection” on DoNotPay.

  2. Answer a series of questions about the debt collectors, including when you were contacted and how you were contacted, so we can determine if they have violated any debt collection laws.

  3. Decide which course of action you want to take based on our guidance, such as filing a debt verification request, demanding for the collectors to stop contacting you, or reporting them to the CFPB.

And that’s it! Once you choose the course of action you want to take, DoNotPay will handle the rest. We’ll deliver your request directly to the debt collectors via first-class mail, or file your complaint automatically with the CFPB so that they’re no longer able to use unfair debt collection practices.

What Other Services Does DoNotPay Provide?

If you can use DoNotPay to get debt collectors off your back, then you might also be interested in what else they can help you out with. After all, if they can prove themselves to be so helpful at getting the debt collectors to go away, then perhaps they are also useful for some other things as well. It turns out, this is true!

DoNotPay can also help with the following matter that you might find helpful to you or anyone you know.

People have learned to trust this company to help them handle virtually anything at all that they need forms for. They have seen the great power that DoNotPay has, and they want to use some of that power to help themselves take care of chores large and small. Take a look for yourself and see what time-saving processes are available to you.

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