The Ins and Outs of ACE American Insurance Claims

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File ACE American Insurance Claims With No Headache

Have you had an injury or accident? You need to pay for the damage or medical expenses and are now wondering how to finance them. If you have an ACE American Insurance policy, you might want to review it and check whether you can get reimbursement.

ACE acquired Chubb in 2016, taking the Chubb name and clients. All ACE American policyholders can claim their policies with the new company. To streamline the process, file an insurance claim using DoNotPay without a fuss.

What To Prepare for Your ACE Insurance Claim

Before filing your Chubb insurance claim, you should make sure to collect the following details:

  • Policy number
  • Loss/damage date
  • A description of the loss
  • Loss location address
  • Contact details for every involved person

File ACE American Insurance Claims via DoNotPay

We are here to assist with all your insurance claims. Our app can deal with insurance claims for unemployment, accident, flood, or hurricane insurance.

We do not get annoyed handling administrative issues, but enjoy helping you out! Here is how our claims process works:

  1. Go to DoNotPay in your
  2. Opt for the insurance type
  3. Provide some basic information, such as your contact information and the policy number
  4. Enter the reason for filing the claim and provide any relevant details regarding the case or accident

That’s all, folks! DoNotPay takes over from now on. We file your claim to Chubb, and you will hear back from them in due time.

File ACE American Insurance Claims by Yourself

If you have experienced an accident or had an injury and would like to file your Chubb insurance claim on your own, you can do that via:

  1. An online feature
  2. Phone
  3. Fax
  4. The Chubb mobile app

Report ACE American Insurance Company Claims Online

To file your Chubb insurance claim online, you should:

  1. Open the Claim page
  2. Click Start Claim
  3. Choose Personal or Commercial Claims
  4. Log in to your account
  5. Follow the prompts

If you do not have a user account, you can file a claim here. You have to enter your policy number and click Continue to start the claims process.

File ACE Insurance Claims by Phone

In case you prefer talking to customer support, call Chubb’s representatives at 1-800-252-4670. Do not be discouraged should you need to wait on hold as the lines are often busy.

Fax ACE American Insurance Claims

Are you wondering if you could fax your insurance claim? Yes, you can send it via fax to 1-800-300-2538. Don’t forget to include all supporting documents.

Use the Chubb Mobile App To File Your ACE Insurance Claim

Chubb offers a mobile app you can use to submit your claim. Download it from Google Play or Apple Store and use it to:

  • Make a payment
  • Get your auto ID cards
  • Get your agent contact details
  • Report a claim

Should You Panic if Your ACE Insurance Claim Gets Rejected?

You should not panic if Chubb denies your claim. Insurance providers reject claims for various reasons. It does not mean you need to give up.

DoNotPay will make sure Chubb gets your appeal letter! What you need to do is:

  1. Go to DoNotPay in a
  2. Select the type of insurance
  3. Click Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim
  4. Follow our straightforward prompts

In a few clicks, we will get the necessary information to initiate your appeal. Our app immediately sends the letter to Chubb, and they will inform you about the following steps.

DoNotPay deals with other providers, including The General, Farm Bureau, Fred Loya, Allianz, 21st Century, Alliance United, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, FedEx, and many more.

What Does ACE American Insurance Provide?

ACE American Insurance provides the following insurance types:

  • Commercial property
  • Personal property
  • Casualty insurance
  • Personal accident
  • Supplemental health insurance
  • Life insurance

The company operates in more than 50 countries and specializes in home, vehicle, and valuables insurance.

What Does ACE American Insurance Cover?

Chubb is famous for high-value auto and home insurance. They provide different types of insurance products and coverage, and here is a review of all options:



  • Original equipment—replacement of parts with original manufacturer's components
  • Rental reimbursement—up to $15,000 in case your car is in the shop
  • Personal data removal—erasing your personal information from the vehicle’s systems if your car is totaled
  • Global rental car for damage to:
    • Rental cars
    • Others

Optional (state-based):

  • Agreed amount for collision and comprehensive insurance—reimbursement of the agreed value of your vehicle in case the car is totaled or stolen
  • Lease gap—paying out the lease company in case the vehicle is stolen or totaled
  • High insurance limits—up to $10 million in liability and uninsured motorist insurance
  • Window glass—replacement of all windows that break or crack
  • Lock and key—replacement without any deductibles
  • Pet injury—up to $2,000
  • Personal extension to a corporate vehicle—extending your coverage to a company vehicle when you operate it for personal use
  • Child seat—replacement if damaged in an accident


  • Home appraisal—estimates of expenses, safety and security advice
  • Extended replacement—repair or replacement of your original home even if the expenses are higher than your policy limit
  • Cash settlement—receiving cash up to the value of your policy if after total damage you choose:
    • To build in another location
    • Not to rebuild
  • Belongings replacement—up to the policy limit
  • Wildfire defense—expert assistance in case of wildfire

To find the specifics of Chubb insurance, check their website, or contact them.

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