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Understanding Acceptance Insurance Claims

Acceptance is a Tennessee-based auto insurance company that specializes in providing high-risk or SR-22 insurance policies.

Filing an insurance claim with this company may be challenging. Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviews state that the company’s agents tend to be rude and ignore the clients’ calls.

If you want to find out how to simplify the procedure and claim your insurance the easy way with DoNotPay, this guide will answer all your questions. Even if your claim gets denied, our app can save the day by filing an appeal in your name!

What Types of Insurance Does Acceptance Provide?

Apart from auto and motorcycle insurance, Acceptance offers seven more coverages. You can check out coverage details for all categories in the table below:

Insurance TypeWhat Does It Cover


  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Personal injury
  • Bodily injury liability
  • Roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Medical payments insurance
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist


  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Property damage liability
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Multi-policies for multiple bikes
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist
  • Medical payments, no-fault, and personal injury protection (PIP)


  • Liability
  • Guest medical
  • Personal property
  • Identity restoration
  • Reimbursed living expenses
  • Scheduled personal property


  • HO-1—damage caused by 11 types of natural disasters
  • HO-2—damage due to falling objects or water exposure
  • HO-3—perils
  • HO-4—property in rented homes and damaged or stolen personal belongings
  • HO-5—personal property damaged due to any incident
  • HO-6—condos and co-ops
  • HO-7—mobile homes
  • HO-8—older homes that need repairs with costs exceeding the object value


  • Surety bonds
  • Inland marine
  • Property insurance
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Business owner’s policy
  • General liability insurance
  • Commercial liability umbrella
  • Professional liability insurance


  • Endorsements
  • Accident-only plans
  • Accident and illness plans
  • Insurance with embedded wellness


  • Term life insurance


  • Mexico tourist auto insurance


  • TeleMed Plus
  • TeleMed Standard

Use DoNotPay’s Tricks To Claim Your Acceptance Insurance Fast

People usually give up on filing claims when they realize how burdensome and stressful the claiming procedures can be.

To avoid experiencing unpleasant situations, use DoNotPay—the quickest and simplest method of raising your insurance claim with no fuss. Not only will we do our best to tackle the Acceptance insurance issues, but we will help you deal with other types of policies as well, such as:

To use our service for claiming your insurance, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay using your preferred
  2. Search for Acceptance insurance
  3. Provide personal information and insurance-related details
  4. Give us a thorough explanation of the issue you have experienced

We will collect all the necessary details and file a claim in your stead. Acceptance should give you a call or send you an email to hear more from you shortly.

Filing a Claim Appeal Isn’t a Problem Anymore

Apart from providing unsatisfactory customer service, the company commonly rejects customers’ insurance claims. If Acceptance denies your first Acceptance insurance claim, it doesn’t have to be the end of the case. You can file an appeal using our app without dealing with bureaucracy or contacting rude representatives.

To send an insurance appeal letter with our help, follow these steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Search for the insurance in question
  3. Tap on Appeal a Denied Acceptance Claim
  4. Provide more information and send your request

The company will receive your details and reassess your situation. They have to reach out to let you know if your request was successful soon after.

How To File Acceptance Auto Insurance Claims by Yourself

Apart from claiming your insurance with DoNotPay, you can use regular but more complicated procedures. Below is the table that shows the available claiming methods:

Can You Claim Your Insurance ViaYes/No
In PersonNo

Phone Claims

To file a phone claim, dial (800) 799-2103 and tell the agent you want to claim your insurance. Bearing in mind the customer care issues, if they don’t answer your call, use some other method.

Email Claims

Email correspondence can be time-wasting since you usually need to wait a few days to receive a response. If you want to try this option, send an email to describing the accident in detail. Make sure you attach the photos of the damage or any other piece of evidence you have.

Online Claims

The company provides the possibility of online claim form submission too. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit the official Acceptance website
  2. Click on the Claim tab
  3. Confirm that you are an insurance policyholder and enter your policy number
  4. Answer the chatbot questions and send your claim

The Acceptance agents should contact you within two days.

How Long Does It Take Acceptance To Process a Claim?

The claim processing time depends on many factors, such as the incident details, case complexity, or the company’s current workload.

What Happens After You File a Claim With Acceptance?

Here’s what happens next once you submit your claim:

  • Damage assessment—The Acceptance insurance claims department will try to estimate the loss you experienced, considering the injuries and property conditions. You should get in touch with an appraiser who will come and inspect your car if necessary
  • Repair place choice—Pick the repair shop where you want to have your vehicle repaired. Acceptance recommends taking your car to one of their preferred partners’ places for a better service
  • Repair appointment—You have to provide the chosen dealership or repair shop staff with a copy of your estimate and let them order new vehicle parts to start fixing the problems

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