Raising ACCC Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims Raising ACCC Insurance Claims

ACCC Insurance Claims From A to Z

ACCC Insurance was an auto insurance broker with headquarters in Texas. 

At the end of 2020, the Travis County District Court announced the upcoming liquidation of the firm due to insufficient funds. Clients can transfer their policies to other companies, but the claiming procedure remains unchanged until the total termination takes place

If you suffer an accident while being an active ACCC policyholder, you shouldn’t get confused by the upcoming changes. This article will give you essential tips for filing an insurance claim before or after another provider takes over your policy.

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What Kind of Insurance Did ACCC Sell?

ACCC didn’t sell insurance policies—it offered non-standard auto insurance from various providers

The term “non-standard insurance” refers to plans with minimum limit coverage, which means that it doesn’t cover all types of damage.

How To Raise an ACCC Insurance Claim Before the Liquidation

If you suffer an accident before your policy gets allocated to another company, you can still file a claim directly with ACCC. The firm provides two possible ways of claiming your insurance by:

  1. Calling ACCC customer service
  2. Completing an online form on Drive With the Eagle

Raising a Claim by Calling ACCC Customer Service

To raise an insurance claim via phone, dial (888) 823-0888 and choose option 2. Once an agent picks up your call, you should specify the reason for filing a claim and describe the incident in as much detail as possible.

The company’s phone lines are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Raising a Claim by Completing an Online Form

The firm recommends using the Drive With the Eagle service as another insurance claiming method. Here’s what you should do if you pick the online option:

  1. Go to the Drive With the Eagle website
  2. Click on Report a Claim 
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Enter the required insurance details
  5. Submit your claim

How To Raise an ACCC Insurance Claim After the Liquidation

Once the Texas Department of Insurance allocates your policy to another company, you should get in touch with the new provider to file a claim. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the official National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds website
  2. Select the Resources tab and pick the Links and Contacts option from the drop-down menu
  3. Find your state and note the contact details of its department of insurance—a phone number, email address, or any other contact method
  4. Get in touch with the relevant institution and explain the issue
Can You Claim Your Insurance ViaYes/No
In PersonNo

What Information Do You Need To Raise a Claim With ACCC?

You must disclose all the relevant policy and accident details when you initiate the insurance claiming process. Here are some pieces of information the customer support agents may require:

  • Full name
  • Policy number
  • Police report information
  • Accident date, time, and location
  • Insured vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Models of all the vehicles involved in the accident
  • Contact details of all witnesses and persons involved in the accident

Raising an ACCC Insurance Claim With DoNotPay Is the Best Bet

Claiming ACCC insurance is a tricky task that involves many steps. The process complexity usually confuses policyholders, making them lose hope fast. 

With DoNotPay, you can avoid difficult procedures and boring administrative requirements. We help you file an insurance claim in only a few taps, without visiting or contacting the company!

Once you create an account and log in to DoNotPay using your web browser, follow these steps:

  1. Type the name of the insurance you wish to claim in the search box
  2. Enter the required insurance details and your contact information
  3. Describe the situation you are experiencing 

Our AI-powered service will compose a claim letter and submit it to the insurance provider. You should receive a response from the company or the new provider by phone or email. 

How Can DoNotPay Help Me When the Company Denies My Insurance Claim?

If ACCC or any other insurer, such as Geico, Metlife, Mercury, or Ace American, rejects the claim you submitted, you still have a chance to request a case re-evaluation. The best way to do it is to file an appeal using DoNotPay’s three-step procedure.

Follow these instructions to create an appeal letter:

  1. Open DoNotPay in any web browser and search for the insurance in question
  2. Click on Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim
  3. Answer the chatbot’s questions and let it send your appeal

You complete the form—we submit it in no time! When the provider processes your request, they must re-estimate the situation. Once they finally decide on the outcome, they need to notify you about it.

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