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Print Quality Photos From Home Order High-Quality 8×12 Photo Prints Online

How to Print High-Quality 8x12 Photos From Home With Ease

With advanced cell phone camera technology, snapping high-resolution photos and adding effects on the go is convenient and entertaining. But despite the ease of sharing digital photos in email and text, there's nothing quite like a framed family or vacation photo on display in your home or office.

No doubt that framed photos of memorable events and loved ones can turn a house into a home. For this reason, learning to print your own 8 x 12 photos is a worthwhile endeavor.

Unfortunately, many people don't attempt to print their special photos, believing that it's either too difficult or it requires expensive supplies. On the contrary, today's high-quality printers and photo stock are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Additionally, today's printers have wireless connectivity, making it a breeze to print photos from your wireless devices.

This article will guide you step-by-step on how you can print your own quality 8 x 12 photos from home. DoNotPay makes this process even easier with its own easy-to-follow photo printing process.

What Supplies Do I Need When Printing?

High-Resolution Printer

Fortunately, many well-known brands of high-resolution printers such as HP, Canon, and Epson are quite affordable today. When selecting a printer to print your photographs, make sure it can print at least 4,800 x 1,200 dots per inch (dpi).  Check the type of ink cartridge the printer needs to ensure refills are readily available and easy to install. Verify the printer is compatible with your wireless devices and computer.

High-Quality Photo Paper

Photo paper is available in glossy, matte, canvas, and art. Glossy has a distracting reflective coating, which may not be suitable for some photos. Matte is usually the first choice for photo printing, with its better contrast and fine detail. Canvas is a good option for larger images for wall hanging, while art paper has a matte finish with some texture that offers varying contrast and color.

Steps to Take Before Printing Your Photos

  • Consider where you will display the photo to choose the most appropriate one to print.
  • If necessary, edit the photo to lighten or darken it, remove red-eye, crop, and resize it to 8 x 12. T
  • If applicable, stock your printer with the appropriate paper you will use for the photo.
  • Verify that your printer has enough ink for an 8 x 12 photo.

How to Print 8 x 12 Photos From Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

Printing From Android Devices

  1. Open the Photos app and select the photo you will send to your printer.
  2. Tap the More icon (three vertical dots) in the upper-right corner and select Print from the available options.
  3. Select your printer, paper size for an 8 x 12 photo, and the number of copies. Tap the Print button.

Printing From iOS and iPadOs Devices

  1. Open the Photos app and select the photo you wish to print. Tap the Share (up arrow in the box) button.
  2. Select Print from the list of options. Select the size for an 8 x 12 photo.
  3. Select your printer, the number of copies, then tap Print.

Printing From a Windows Computer

  1. Open the Photos app on your computer and select the photo you wish to print.
  2. Select the printer icon in the top right corner. You can also use CTRL+P for this function.
  3. Select your printer and toggle any options as preferred. Select the print size for an 8 x 12 photo.
  4. Click on Print.

Printing From MacOS

  1. Open the Photos app and select the photo you wish to print.
  2. Click on File, then Print. You can also use CMD+P for this command.
  3. Select the print format from the choices given.
  4. Choose your printer and change settings as preferred, including the size for an 8 x 12 photo.

Next Steps for Getting 8 x 12 Photo Prints if You Can’t Do It Yourself

If you are unable to print your own 8 x 12 photos at home, you can use one of the many print-on-demand companies, such as Snapfish and Shutterfly, to professionally print them for you. Shutterly can have your prints ready within an hour for pickup at CVS or Walgreens.

Another option is to use self-service photo print kiosks located in Walmart and Walgreens. Self-service photo printing is also available at CVS and FedEx,

Print 8 x 12 Photos Easily With DoNotPay

If you are unable to print your own 8 x 12 photos at home, DoNotPay has you covered with their easy-to-follow five-step process. In fact, you can print photos in a variety of sizes through DoNotPay.

  1. Search Print Photos on DoNotPay


  1. Upload all of the photos you would like to get printed


  1. Choose the size/dimensions you would like for these photos. We offer a variety of options, ranging from the smallest 3.5 in x 5 in to as large as 20 in x 30 in. We also offer square prints, wallet prints, etc.


  1. Choose the finish you want on your photos (glossy, matte, or lustre)


  1. Choose your preferred shipping method (economy, expedited, express, rush)


That's all there is to it. DoNotPay will submit your photo print request and have your photos printed and delivered fast to your home address.

Other print sizes/format that DoNotPay also covers:

3.5 x 54 x 54 x 6
4 x 85 x 55 x 7
8 Wallet8 x 88 x 10
8.5 x 118 x 129 x 12
4 Wallet8 x 1410 x 10
10 x 1210 x 1510 x 20
11 x 1412 x 1212 x 18
13 x 2216 x 2016 x 24
18 x 2420 x 2020 x 30
20 x 2424 x 3630 x 40

How DoNotPay Can Help With Your Other Printing Projects

In addition to assisting you with printing your 8 x 12 photo prints, DoNotPay can help with other photo printing projects such:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay can guide you through many other situations including:

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