Top 5 Cash Back Credit Cards That'll Save You Hundreds

Get Cash Back Top 5 Cash Back Credit Cards That'll Save You Hundreds

Top 5 Cash Back Credit Cards That'll Save You Hundreds

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to choosing credit cards that offer 5% cash back. Many credit card companies state that you can earn a certain percentage of cash back on any purchases you make with your credit card, while others state that you earn a varying percentage on different products and/or stores. As with any other credit card, such as Apple Card and PayPal cards, earning cash back on credit cards can be used towards future purchases or as a statement credit, depending on the credit cards you have. How do 5% cash back credit cards work, and which are the best to apply for? Read on to learn more about 5% cash back credit cards in this DoNotPay guide.

What Are 5% Cash-Back Credit Cards?

When you get a credit card that offers 5% cash back, you are essentially getting money back for everyday purchases. Even though the cash amount may seem small at first, it can quickly add up and save you money overall. Depending on the credit card you get, there may be varying cash-back stipulations. For example, your credit card may give 5% cash back on dining out and online purchases; however, you only get 1%-2% cash back when you make gas or grocery purchases. It all depends on the terms in your credit card company's policy.

How Can You Use 5% Cash-Back Credit Card Rewards?

When you earn cash back, you will most likely see your earnings in a separate area on your credit card account. The amount earned may be shown as "Cash Reward Balance" or "Reward Dollars." There are three ways in which most credit card companies allow customers to redeem cash-back rewards, and they are as follows:

  1. Deposit Into Your Checking Account

One option that you have for redeeming cash back is to deposit the rewards into your checking account. This allows you to use the money to pay bills, buy groceries, and more.

  1. Redeem as a Gift Card

An alternative to depositing your cash back is by choosing a gift card from the options the credit card companies to provide. Many credit card companies provide customers with gift card options for retail companies and restaurants. Some even offer vouchers for travel and more.

  1. Use as a Credit on Your Statement

This third option allows you to use your cash back as a credit on your credit card statement. Statement credit is used to reduce the amount you currently owe. For example, if you had a $10 cash-back reward and you want to use it as a statement credit on a credit card amount of $100, it will reduce your total amount by $10 when your credit card statement comes in. This, in turn, will show that you owe $90 instead. However, credits do not replace the monthly amount that you may owe; it just helps you pay off your credit card sooner.

What Are the Best 5% Cash-Back Credit Cards to Get?

Here are the top five cash back credit cards that offer the option to earn 5% cash back:

SunTrust Cash Rewards Credit Card5% cash back for the quarter1% after $1,500 is earned during each quarter
Chase Freedom Flex5% cash back on places and items that are promoted quarterly1% on all other purchases
Discover it Cash Back5% cash back on places and items that are promoted quarterly1% on all other purchases
Citi Custom Cash Card5% cash back for the first year1% cash back afterward
The Key Rewards by Capital One5% cash back from online purchases and retail stores, 4% cash back from restaurants and grocery stores.1% cash back on any other purchases

All of the credit cards above do not have any annual fees. It is a good idea to look at all the terms and conditions before signing up for any credit card, as some may have limits on the amount of cash back you can earn. The following are the cash-back limits for the credit cards mentioned above:

SunTrust Cash Rewards Credit Cardup to $6,000 cash back annually
Chase Freedom Flexup to $1,500 cash back quarterly
Discover it Cash Backup to $1,500 cash back quarterly
Citi Custom Cash Cardup to $500 cash back quarterly
The Key Rewards by Capital Oneup to $5,000 cash back annually

When it comes to getting cash back on credit cards, it can be difficult in deciding which ones have the best offers for you. It can require research and time as well. What if there was a way in which getting any cash back was made much simpler, all while saving you time as well? DoNotPay has the answer.

Solve Credit Card Cash-Backs With the Help of DoNotPay

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What Else Does DoNotPay Offer?

Finding cash-back rewards for credit cards can be made effortless by using DoNotPay. You can get any cash back in a fast, easy, and successful way. In addition to credit card cash-back assistance, DoNotPay also gives information concerning other cash-back areas. To learn more, check out the list below:

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