Stop Harassment Calls from 3445439169 Quickly

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Stop Harassment Calls from 3445439169 Quickly

Getting badgered by the especially when they refuse to identify themselves can get quite annoying. This number belongs to LCS Debt Recovery, a company that collects debts owed to businesses, organisations, and individuals. LCS also collects debts related to parking tickets and other credit card companies.

If you don’t remember having an unsettled debt, calls from 3445439169 can cause extreme agitation and could leave you feeling infuriated. DoNotpay understands how debt collection companies can be a nuisance and exhausting it could be dealing with their repeated calls and messages.

Luckily, we can offer a simple way of . We are undoubtedly the best social and legal issues consultant offering solutions to your social or legal issues. We can also help you in dealing with other collection agencies like:

Read on to learn everything you need to know about debt collection agencies and how to deal with them effectively.

Why Does LCS Debt Recovery Keep Calling?

LCS will reach you or leave you an automated voicemail from their customer support number . If they call or send you a letter, you should respond to them as soon as possible. Ignoring them will not help you and gives them a ground to seek legal intervention for your lack of response.

LCS might be calling for any of the following reasons:

  • Ask you to settle a debt that you have defaulted.
  • To get to the guarantor, you provided during the transaction.
  • To talk to you to revise your loan terms of payment.

If you missed their initial contact, you can reach out to them through the contact details provided:

WebsiteLCS Debt Recovery

Contact Page

Hotline Number0344 543 9001

Opening hours

Operating HoursMonday to Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday 9am-1pm
Postal AddressLCS Head Office

First Floor West Wing

Town Centre House

The Merrion Centre

Woodhouse Lane

Leeds LS2 8LY

Is LCS Debt Collectors a Scam?

No, LCS is a legitimate debt collection company authorised and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They are also a Credit Service Association (CSA) member, meaning they are obliged to work under the rules of FCA and CSA, respectively.

Has LCS Debt Collectors Violated Your Rights?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA protects debtors from harassment and being abused. The federal law prohibits debt collectors like LCS from doing certain acts such as:

  1. Visiting your home or entering your property without your permission
  2. Calling you multiple times during the day
  3. Calling you early in the morning or late at night
  4. Contacting you on social media like Twitter, Instagram
  5. Failing to inform you that your account has been sold to a debt collection agency
  6. Telling you that failing to pay a debt is a criminal offence and threatening to have you arrested
  7. Pretending to be working for the court or a government agency
  8. Shaming you publicly
  9. Collecting a debt that you don't owe

If you observed that LCS debt collectors have violated any of these, you can file a complaint with the following governing bodies:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

They cannot mediate with regard to the debt but they can impose a fine or revoke the collection agency’s licence to operate.

Phone0800 111 6768 (freephone)

0300 500 8082 (from the UK)

+44 207 066 1000 (from abroad)
Live ChatFCA Contact
  • The Financial Ombudsman

This governing body will act as an independent referee until the dispute has been settled.

Phone0800 023 4567 or 0800 123 9123

If push comes to shove, you can enlist DoNotPay’s help and take LCS to small claims court.

How Long Can Debt Collectors Chase After a Debt?

According to the Limitation Act 1980, debt collectors have a maximum of 6 years from when you last paid or acknowledged the debt. When this period has passed, the collection agency is prohibited from making any legal action to pursue the debt.

What Happens if You Fail to Pay Your Debt to LCS Company?

LCS will not tire of contacting you to pay your debt. If you fail to pay the debt, LCS might decide to take court action. They have the legal grounds to report you to the court since they have the evidence that you owe your original creditor.

Outside court action, the following can happen:

  • Your credit score could suffer a dent and get reduced
  • Your credit limit could also
  • Your debt accrues interests and penalties

Deal With LCS Debt Recovery on Your Own

If you still keep getting messages from LCS debt collectors and calls from the number , you have the right to demand a debt validation letter. This should provide all the details confirming whether the debt is valid or not. If the debt is truthfully yours, you can then decide on whether you will outright settle the debt or negotiate a payment arrangement.

If the debt is invalid, you should demand from LCS that they remove the debt status from your credit report. Should they refuse to do so, you can report them to the Financial Ombudsman to get your debt status fixed.

Dealing with debt collection companies is a hectic process that can be exhausting and confusing at the same time. It is nearly impossible to be patient as well when they deny requests for a more flexible payment term. DoNotPay knows the debtors’ usual struggles and we are here to make it all better.

Get Debt Help With DoNotPay and Put a Stop to LCS Debt Recovery

Debt collectors can be relentless and unforgiving when it comes to chasing debts. If you feel you are being harassed or you just want to figure out a better payment arrangement, there’s always DoNotPay to guide you.

Just follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Search “debt collection” on DoNotPay.
  2. Answer a series of questions about the debt collectors, including when you were contacted and how you were contacted, so we can determine if they have violated any debt collection laws.
  3. Decide which course of action you want to take based on our guidance, such as filing a debt verification request, demanding for the collectors to stop contacting you, or reporting them to a professional trade association.

After you’ve provided us with the necessary details, we’ll get to work on the appropriate letter to send to the debt collector based on how you wish to proceed.

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