Is 01516504800 Calling You? It's Debt Collection!

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How DoNotPay Can Help You Deal With Calls From 01516504800

Do you keep on ? Do they threaten you? Do they call you so many times in a day? Receiving such calls and threats can be annoying, especially if you don't know who the debt collectors are. But before doing anything, ensure you don't share your personal information with them.

In the event you aren't sure where to start, DoNotPay can assist you. DoNotPay will assist in determining if the debt collector is compliant with Financial Conduct Authority guidelines. Once you have answered a few questions, DoNotPay will advise you on the course of action you can take. Read this article to find out how DoNotPay can help you deal with any debt collector, creditor, or lender, including DWP, Moorcroft, Lowell Financial, Provident, Amigo, Advantis,and Marston.

Who Is 01516504800 and Why Do They Keep on Contacting Me?

The number 01516504800 belongs to a company known as . Some of the reasons they may be calling you are to:

  • Collect payment
  • Get you to pay the debt immediately
  • Validate a debt
  • Get information about valuable items you may have
  • Harass you and make you feel uncomfortable

If you are ignoring calls from Sigma Red Debt Collectors, most likely, you have blocked their number or set a reminder not to answer the call. However, debt collectors get around this by using different numbers to make you answer. So, they will keep on calling even if you block their numbers.

Ignoring their phone calls isn't the best solution. After receiving communication from Sigma Red debt collectors, ensure you respond to them as soon as possible, even if you don't owe the debt. Otherwise, they will continue to try and collect the debt, share negative information with credit reporting companies, and sue you.

Sigma Red Debt Collection Contact Information

If you would like to contact Sigma Red Debt Collection yourself for more information about your debt. Here are their contact details:

Phone number01527 405 490
Mailing addressGrosvenor House, Prospect Hill, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 4DL, United Kingdom
Contact form

Is Sigma Red Debt Collection a Scam?

Sigma Red Debt Collection is a genuine agency that purchases debts from other companies or collects debt on behalf of other companies. So, when you receive a call from 01516504800, please don't ignore it.

What Will Happen if I Fail to Pay My Debt to Sigma Red Debt Collection?

When you receive a call from 01516504800, you are supposed to take action immediately. Whether you want to dispute, verify, or negotiate a payment plan with the Sigma Red Debt Collection Agency, do so as soon as possible. If you don't take any action immediately, the debt collection agency will keep calling you, your credit score will reduce, and you might end up in court.

Find Out If Sigma Red Debt Collection Violated Your Rights

Do you feel like 01516504800 callers are violating your rights? If they are doing any of the following, then they are violating your right:

  • Telling other people about your debt without your consent or threatening to do so.
  • If they threaten and abuse you
  • If they mislead you
  • If they harass you (calling excessively)

How Long Can Debt Collectors Pursue Debt From Me?

Based on the Limitations Act 1980, debt collectors have up to six years to pursue their debt from a customer and twelve years for specific mortgage shortfalls. However, you must not acknowledge or submit any payment even once for these six years to count.

In simple words, the period doesn't include the time you have been paying your debt. This means you will keep getting calls from 01516504800 for a long time.

How Can You Make a Payment to Sigma Red Debt Collection Agency?

If you keep on getting calls from 01516504800, and it's true you have their debt, the best way is to try and clear it. So, if you owe Sigma red and would want to pay it, here’s what you should do:

  1. Don't ignore the debt.
  2. Contact or visit the agency.
  3. Ask them to stop making calls.
  4. Negotiate a payment plan deal
  5. Start paying your debt as agreed.

Let DoNotPay Help You With Debt

Whether you just received a call from 01516504800 or have been harassed for a long time, DoNotPay is here to help. DoNotPay will assist you in knowing if any debt collection agency is compliant with debt collection laws.

After answering a few questions, DoNotPay will help you determine what actions you can take. They will also contact the debt collectors with a demand letter on your behalf. And if you decide to report the collection agency to the governing body, DoNotPay will also help you.

DoNotPay can help with these three steps:

  1. Access DoNotPay on your web browser and search for “debt collection”.

  2. Provide answers to a few questions concerning the debt collectors, including when they contacted you and how they did it. This will help us determine whether they broke any debt collection laws.

  3. Decide what you want to do based on our guidance, like demanding the debt collecting agency to stop calling you, filling a debt verification request, or reporting to a professional trade association.

These are the three simple steps you have to follow. After deciding what you want to do, DoNotPay will take care of the rest.

What Other Additional Things Can DoNotPay Assist You With?

As you have seen, DoNotPay can help you stop nuisance calls from 01516504800 easily. Additionally, it can help you:

  1. Pay bills online
  2. Get help with bills
  3. Sue in small claims courts
  4. Cancel any service or subscription
  5. Find missing money
  6. Increase credit limits
  7. Get free trials
  8. File a complaint

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