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Cancel Emails automatically
Works with all your existing addresses and email apps
Cancel Emails automatically

Lower your bills and subscriptions with the press of a button.

  • DoNotPay will identify any active subscriptions you have and allow you to cancel them—instantly.
  • DoNotPay will also alert you before a subscription is renewed so you can stop unwanted payments before they’re made.
  • If you cancel a subscription but are still charged, DoNotPay will file a dispute on your behalf and make the best legal case for you to win.
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Cancel Emails automatically
Cancel Emails automatically

One-click refunds on all your purchases.

  • Get protected on all your purchases. DoNotPay gets you refunds on late food deliveries, defective merchandise, and more—all automatically.
  • For example, sign up for In-Flight WiFi using your DoNotPay email. When it doesn't work, secure a refund at the click of a button.

Get paid to fight spam.

  • For any email that you receive, DoNotPay will automatically check for a pending class-action lawsuit against that company. If one exists, we’ll help you sign up for the class-action and claim the cash compensation you deserve.
  • Instantly de-clutter your inboxes with the click of a button. You can forward any email you deem as spam to your DoNotPay email address and DoNotPay will unsubscribe you.
Cancel Emails automatically
Cancel Emails automatically

Auto check-in for all your flights.

  • Be the first to board—DoNotPay will instantly check you in for all your flights. We’ll even attach your frequent flyer number to make sure you’re getting the reward miles you deserve.
  • Already booked a flight? Forward your booking confirmation to your DoNotPay email and we’ll get you checked in as soon as the online window opens.

Auto-detect your tax deductible receipts.

  • Never miss a chance to save on your taxes again — we’ll find which receipts are eligible for deductions so you can label and keep track of them straight from your inbox.
  • When the time comes to file your taxes with companies like Turbotax, we make it super easy for you to view all your deductibles in one place.
Cancel Emails automatically
Cancel Emails automatically

Draft legal documents, right from your email.

  • Enjoy unlimited access to your own AI legal assistant that handles all your needs for you.
  • Resolve your issues with one quick note— DoNotPay will determine which legal service you need and generate the right solution for you, whether it’s a demand letter to get your money back or a dispute to fight a charge.

Shields you from debt collectors and stalkers.

  • Effortlessly transform your emails to powerful legal demands with the help of our AI powered legal translator.
  • Stop debt collectors and landlords in their tracks by drafting cease and desist notices, demand letters, bill negotiations, and more—all backed by the most up-to-date consumer rights legislation.
Cancel Emails automatically
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